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PLAYLIST: New Music Express

What Is The New Music Express?

Remember the days when the only way we discovered new music through magazines and newspapers?

Times have changed and although we do love a bit of nostalgia here at Talk About Pop Music we move with the times.

So here it is – a brand new playlist, available to you instantly!

A playlist where we will share new music with a more indie, edgier vibe that everyone will LOVE and you don’t even have to walk to the newsagents to buy the magazine to get the free CD!

Updated regularly with new songs it contains at least 100 songs – that’s almost an entire afternoon of awesome music!

new music express

Does It Cost Anything?

Nope! It’s absolutely free publicity for new music – all that’s asked is that you “share the shit” out of the playlist across your social media weapons of choice but if you do feel like dropping us a little donation then we are fine with that!

Can Anyone Submit A Song?

Sure! Do you know of a brilliant new happy, upbeat pop song that you think more people would like to hear – send it! If you are an artist and would love more exposure – gimme, gimme! If you look after the PR for an artist and want to keep on their good side – yes please!

How Do I Submit A Song?

Easy! As you might expect we get hundreds of emails per day and some slip through the net. Submit your songs to us via MusoSoup to be guaranteed a listen, not just by us but hundreds of other bloggers, curators, radio stations etc.

What are you waiting for? Get listening, get sharing & get submitting!