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THEN & NOW: Darren Hayes

Former Savage Garden singer Darren Hayes made his return to music at the beginning of 2022 with the 80’s infused track “Let’s Try Being In Love”. He’s released a couple more since then and has a brand new album coming out this October.

“Homosexual” is Darren’s fifth studio album as a solo artist and his first for eleven years and continues the theme of the lead single with a definate 80’s pop/disco/synth feel, particularly on the tracks “Do You Remember?” and “All You Pretty Things”.

Darren started his journey as one half of Australian duo Savage Garden in the late 90’s. Darren and Daniel only recorded two albums together but achieved massive global sales with them both and the singles taken from them, particularly in America, the UK and their home country.

Darren Hayes 1997

Darren Hayes 2022

“Homosexual” is released on 7th October