Rick Astley 2022

THEN & NOW: ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ – Rick Astley (Part Three)

The saga continues…35 years after its release, Rick Astley has revisited the video for his debut hit single, “Never Gonna Give You Up” again, this time re-filming scenes from the video for a television commercial.

Rick does the ‘Rick Roll’ on set and also visits some of the locations used in the original 1987 film of his first release that went on to top the charts on both sides of the Atlantic as well as in many other countries around the world.

Rick has been touring America this year with New Kids On The Block, En Vogue and Salt’N’Pepa as part of the Mixtape series as well as re-releasing his debut album, “Whenever You Need Somebody“, in expanded form, as part of his 35 years in music celebration.

“Never Gonna Give You Up” 1987

“Never Gonna Give You Up” 2022

“Whenever You Need Somebody” and “The Best Of Me” are both currently available in expanded form