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FRESH: ‘Purpose’ – Connor Mac

Introducing Connor Mac. He has “Purpose”!


If you only listen to one new artist this year, then let it be Connor Mac. Connor is a 24 year old British born writer, singer and producer and he’s just released his debut single, “Purpose”.

“Purpose” explores feelings for someone that have been denied and buried deep, but are bound to resurface when that person is seen again. The song was written and recorded in his home studio in Switzerland.

Although British born, from the age of 4 Connor grew up in a musical family in the countryside outside of Palmerston North, New Zealand. However, since the age of 17 he has lived in Switzerland. He started performing live aged 10 and by the time Connor left school he was an accomplished vocalist and guitarist, having played in a variety of bands. Rather than progressing on to university, Connor followed his passion for music and travelled to Europe where he has crafted his live performance and supported American star Jason Derulo!

In 2018 Connor released his first single – a stripped-back cover of “Unforgettable” by French Montana & Swae Lee, followed by several other covers of artists he admires, that found a substantial international audience. In 2020 he released his first original single, the silky and soulful “Spacemen”, followed by “Like I Used To Be” in early 2022. Now Connor is going for the big one with “Purpose” as he delivers his first commercially available song together with the accompanying video to this epic track. To date, Connor has achieved over 2 million streams on Spotify.

Connor says of the song: “The narrative point of view switches between verses to reveal the vulnerability of each person, removing any concept that one may be more to blame than the other. Their longing, pain and emotions are shared. There’s an honest desperation which runs through the lyrics and bleeds into the vocal melodies and harmonies. I hope the song resonates with something people may be feeling or a past memory”.

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