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THEN & NOW: Daniel James

Do you remember Daniel James…at all? Back in 1990, he was one half of the pop group Yell, who had a top ten hit with “Instant Replay“, before disappearing into the abyss very soon after. Daniel and Paul Varney were signed to Simon Cowell’s Fanfare Record label – the same one as Sinitta – in late 1989 and in January 1990 they released their version of Dan Hartman’s 1978 Disco track.

“Instant Replay” peaked at No.10 in the UK but after two more singles, which included another cover version, this time “Let’s Go Round Again“, the duo parted ways. Paul went to to pursue a solo career and later made it more successfully as a songwriter, most notably “Say It Again”, the UK’s 1999 Eurovision Song Contest entry, performed by the girl group, Precious.

Daniel, or to give him his real name, Colin Heywood, had previously been a children’s TV presenter and after Yell he tried to form a solo career and also worked as an actor, but after more than 30 years out of the limelight, he’s back with a new single, “Do You Remember Me?”! Have you left it too long since you last heard him…?

Daniel James 1990

Daniel James 2022

“Do You Remember Me?” is the follow up to “I Believe In Your Love”