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THEN & NOW: ‘Limpido/Radiant’ – Laura Pausini and Kylie Minogue

Over eight years after she collaborated with Kylie Minogue on the single “Limpido”, Italian singer Laura Pausini has re-recorded the song in English and on her own together with a new video, retitled “Radiant”.

Laura made her debut in 1993 and has achieved eight number one albums in her home country, while all of her others have made the top ten. Her debut single, “La solitudine” (The Loneliness), also went to number one upon release while Laura has enjoyed success across much of Latin America ever since.

She joined forces with Kylie in 2013 to record “Limpido”, which topped the Italian singles chart and gained a Gold certification there. The track featured on her best of compilation “20 – The Greatest Hits”, celebrating her twentieth year in music.

“Limpido” 2013

“Radiant” 2022

Laura’s latest single, “Scatola”, is out now. Her next album is due in 2023