ORIGINAL vs REMIX: ‘Who Needs Love Like That?’ – Erasure

The song, “Who Needs Love Like That?”, was recorded by Erasure in 1985

“Who Needs Love Like That?” was the debut single released by Andy Bell and Vince Clarke of Erasure in September 1985. It was also the first track from their debut album, “Wonderland”, that was released the following year. Erasure were not the smash hit they became in the beginning, with “Who Needs Love Like That?” only charting at No.55 in the UK. The track did make it to No.8 on the US Club chart, a country that would support the duo for the rest of the decade and into the 1990’s.

Seven years later, Erasure were preparing to release their first greatest hits album, “Pop – The First 20 Hits”, by now firmly established, along with the Pet Shop Boys, as the UK’s best selling synth-pop duo. For that album, a new mix of “Who Needs Love Like That?” was submitted by Vince Clarke under the title of The Hamburg Mix and it was released as a single in October 1992. Retaining most of the original composition, the ‘new’ “Who Needs Love Like That?” was the hit it deserved to be and made the top ten around Europe, including the UK, where it reached a new peak of No.10.

But which version is the best? The original or The Hamburg Mix?