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COVER vs ORIGINAL: ‘Nightshift’

The song, “Nightshift”, was originally recorded by The Commodores in 1985

“Nightshift” was written by Dennis Lambert (b.1947), Franne Golde (b.1950), and Walter Orange (b.1946) of the group The Commodores in 1985 and served as the lead single and title track of the group’s eleventh studio album. Released in January that year, the song peaked at No.3 in both America and the UK and was a top ten hit in over twenty five countries, becoming their biggest seller since “Still” in 1979.

It took 37 years for someone else brave enough to record a different version, but there is only one person man enough to do that, ‘The Boss’, Mr. Bruce Springsteen! With over 50 years himself in the music business, Bruce has recorded a new album of his own personal favourites titled “Only the Strong Survive” and is due to be released in November 2022. The second single from the album is his recording of “Nightshift”, which he has also filmed a video for.

But which version is the best? THE COMMODORES’ original or BRUCE’s new version?

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