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FRESH: ‘I Do You’ – Anna Of The North

Anna Of The North lives a “Crazy Life”!


Anna Of The North is the music project of Norwegian born singer and songwriter Anna Lotterud, which she launched in 2014. So far, there have been a number of singles and two studio albums and next month, Anna releases her third.

“Crazy Life” features 11 highly anticipated tracks including her new single, “I Do You”, the follow up to “Nobody” and tells of the inner workings of Anna Of The North’s journey throughout the years.

“Crazy Life” transcends the Norwegian artist’s ability to find comfort in vulnerability by inviting listeners into her world and illustrating exactly how it’s done. Uncovering iridescence in mundanity, Anna Of The North offers confessional and relatable lyrics with clarity, confidence and a splash of shimmer.

“I Do You” is a wistful pop deity with an innocent almost child-like quality but with a heartfelt message about the end of a doomed relationship.

“I see through your missed calls, won’t care where you are, ’cause I know that without you, I’m better before”

Anna Of The North strikes an emotional chord regardless of continent, collaborator or genre, and her music has taken on an unexpected life of its own as it finds success in syncs. Anna won a Norwegian Grammy Award (Spellemannprisen) for her music video “Dream Girl”. “Crazy Life” will doubtless build upon her portfolio and widen her appeal to a much greater listening audience as she so deserves.

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