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FRESH: ‘Flowers’ and ‘Superglue’ – Joan

US duo joan prepare to release their debut album, “superglue”!


Acclaimed alt pop duo joan have announced details of their long awaited debut album, “superglue”, out April 19th 2023. The twelve-track full length has been over three years in the making!

To accompany the news they’ve also shared the record’s second single and video for “flowers”, the last song joan wrote for the album which became one of their personal favorites.

The highly emotive and nostalgic narrative discusses how time is fleeting and how people grow and change, paired with wistful acoustic guitar riffs under cinematic synths and heartfelt melodies. The accompanying video shows captures joan’s riveting performance against bright hues of yellow.

The Little Rock, Arkansas based twosome is known for creating expansive pop music from inside their bedrooms in deepest Middle America. Their infectious blend of pop eras, DIY, self-sustaining aesthetic and deep connection with their fanbase has resulted in international success with over 120 million streams and sold out shows across the globe including headlining 15,000+ capacity venues in Asia.

It was back in 2019 that we ‘found’ joan (Alan Benjamin Thomas and Steven Rutherford) with the superb song, “Drive All Night“. The boys have spent the past few years building their world, single by single, tour date by tour date; from their debut EP, 2019’s “portra”, to the much-loved “cloudy” and its sister EP “partly cloudy”, to 2021’s “hi” and “bye” EPs.

joan’s infectious blend of pop eras and styles belies their roots, but their sense of warmth and community from those around them at home gives their music a sense of belonging often missing from others and that extends to their fanbase.

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