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FRESH: ‘Ain’t No Man’ – Daisy Dance

Daisy takes on Dina for her new single, “Ain’t No Man”


Daisy Dance is the rising solo musical project of Daisy Agnew. Since she left the short-lived girl group Girls Can’t Catch in 2010, she’s been working hard and performing relentlessly to build a new dream for herself.

Daisy’s latest single is a cover of Dina Carroll‘s 1992 hit single “Ain’t No Man”, which Daisy injects with her own vocal prowess and conviction against a modern electro-pop soundtrack.

Daisy made her debut as one third of Girls Can’t Catch in 2009. The trio were signed to Polydor Records and released two singles and despite the fact they both charted top thirty, the girls abandoned production of their album – with tracks written by Shaznay Lewis of All Saints and Pixie Lott – and went their separate ways. Daisy wasted no time in carving out her own career as a singer and released her first tune, “Take Me To Vegas”, in 2013.

She’s released a few since then including “Secretly” in 2019 and her most recent, “Our Way”, in 2021. Now Daisy takes on the might of Dina Carroll’s club and dance smash “Ain’t No Man“, which celebrated its 30th birthday earlier in 2022. The song was a top twenty hit for Dina, the first of six to come from her multi-Platinum debut album, “So Close”.

Daisy is making a name for herself touring with Ministry Of Sound live and is also a judge on the new TV show All Together Now alongside Geri Halliwell of the Spice Girls, so expect to see and hear much more of her in the coming months. There ain’t no doubt about that!

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