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FRESH: ‘Words Mean Something’ – Kyra Daniel

Kyra Daniel emphasises that “Words Mean Something”


Teenage singer-songwriter Kyra Daniel has released her incredible new single, “Words Mean Something”. The music video for which was directed by Sean Cartwright and DOP Mack Calistan in Hamilton, ON.

“Words Mean Something” was one of Kyra’s first co-writes with producer Evan Cline and tackles the subject of bullying and the importance of each child having their own voice and the support to be able to use it.

Sean decided to approach the subject with subtlety, using empty school rooms and hallways as the backdrop, leaving it up to the viewer to imagine what might go on daily in such hallways and schoolyards.

Kingston native Kyra Daniel is already proving to be a force to be reckoned with at only 13 years old. Since becoming a member of Mini Pop Kids in 2020, Kyra has gained confidence and an incredible stage presence after being given countless opportunities to perform live for kids and parents across Canada and the USA with the MPK troop.

This year, Kyra was added to Jayward Artist Group’s talented roster and released her debut single “Like It’s Summer” in June. Now, she is ready to show the world her heart and a very personal experience with the follow up, “Words Mean Something”.

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