I Should Be So Lucky

THEN & NOW SPECIAL: ‘I Should Be So Lucky’ – Kylie Minogue

In January 1988, 19 year old Australian actress Kylie Minogue released her debut single in the UK, “I Should Be So Lucky”, and the rest is history. The song, written and produced by Stock Aitken Waterman, would give the young wannabe singer her first international number one hit.

All that has flowed in the last 35 years stems from this one track, and although Kylie achieved a huge chart hit with “The Locomotion” in her homeland the previous year, Kylie Minogue and now just Kylie, could not have existed were it not for “I Should Be So Lucky”.

Kylie herself had ‘filed’ the song away for a number of years, perhaps fearing typecast by one song, but brought it out into the open, firstly in 1995 at the poetry olympics and then as part of her live set at the Fever2002 world tour. She has performed the song accapella, orchestrally and live to more than 50,000 people in London’s Hyde Park in 2018.

“I Should Be So Lucky” – 1988

“I Should Be So Lucky” -2007

“I Should Be So Lucky” – 2018

Can you believe this song is now 35 years old?

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