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FRESH: ‘Vanishing Shadows’ – Liela Moss featuring Gary Numan

Singer Liela Moss joins forces with Gary Numan for a revivalist new song


Next week sees the release of “Internal Working Model”, the much-anticipated new album from Liela Moss. Ahead of the release Liela has joined forces with 80’s electronic icon Gary Numan for “Vanishing Shadows”.

After the haunting “My Name Is Safe In Your Mouth” (2018) and the dramatic, synth-loaded “Who The Power?” (2020), “Internal Working Model” is an album that bristles with frustration at our disconnected culture.

“Vanishing Shadows” is pure, unadulterated Numan brought into the 21st century and with great appreciation for the man himself by Liela so it was perhaps only fitting that the man himself should join her for this haunting, 80’s synth-electro feast that could so easily have been released 40 years ago.

A sense of controlled urgency emerges, fueled by the force of Moss’ questioning insights. In part, it’s an album about selfhood and certainties unsettled in today’s dystopian theatre, somewhat by the pandemic but also, says Moss, by the “self-seeking, self-protecting culture” of global economics where we have forgotten that “competition is just a construct, co-operation is actually the natural way of being.

“Internal Working Model”’s creation evolved organically between Moss and partner/collaborator Toby Butler, who divided their time between work and parenting to make the album. Moss compares the process to a “slow game of cards”, the duo revealing their hands in a playful spirit.

In earlier years, Moss’ environs have included The Duke Spirit, the guitar band whose output ranged from brawling alt-rock to more cinematic ventures. Other outlets have included synth-rock project (with Butler) Roman Remains and various collaborative ventures – with UNKLE, Nick Cave, Giorgio Moroder, The Heritage Orchestra and Lost Horizons, among others.

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