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FRESH: ‘X’ – Lexxe

Lexxe returns with a killer new track, “X”


New York-based dark-pop artist Lexxe is back with a stunning, killer new single, “X”! Pairing swirling disco beats with raw, diaristic lyricism, Lexxe has created a song that is euphoric and emotional all at once.

A heartwarming tale of love and loss, “X” is an ode to her father, Xavier (X), who passed away 20 years ago this year. The non-traditional release date – Sunday, January 29th – is her late father’s birthday.

With artistic authenticity oozing out of everything she does, Lexxe is a breath of fresh air with a raw story to tell and refreshing music to share. Originally hailing from Long Island and now based in Queens, Lexxe started her creative career as a classically trained ballet dancer.

She trained at the esteemed Seiskaya Ballet Academy and went on to receive her BFA from SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Dance. In addition to her budding artist career, she also performs with the neo-burlesque troupe COMPANY XIV where she is able to combine her love of dance, music and stage performance.

Lexxe’s sound is very retro, synth-wave driven, so if you’re a fan of New Retro Wave, then this is for you!

“X” is her first release of 2023 since she burst onto the music scene in 2017 with “Runnin’ Wild”. Lexxe has been turning out tune after tune ever since and more recently in 2022 gave us “I Love You So Much It Scares Me”, “Afterlife” and the affectionatly titled “I Like You When You Wear Your Hair Down”.

“X” pushes the benchmark that much higher in both production and scope with heartfelt lyrics and vocals, and with an intoxicating rhythm to pull you in and get you hooked from the first second the track blows up in your face.

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