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FRESH: ‘Falling 4 Somebody’ – Neriah

Neriah moves into 2023 by “Falling 4 Somebody”


Emerging Pop star Neriah has released her sparkling new single, the melodic breakup anthem “Falling 4 Somebody”.

While true to Neriah’s knack for songs about heartbreak and relationships, “Falling 4 Somebody” addresses these themes with a more upbeat tone. The track shows Neriah coming to terms with the end of a relationship, using the hopeful melodies to comfort her as she accepts the inevitable breakup.

Since releasing her debut EP in 2022 Neriah has shown no signs of slowing down. “Falling 4 Somebody” is the lead track from her follow up EP, “No One Cries”, scheduled for release on 17th March.

Neriah surprised everyone only a few weeks ago when she recorded and released her version of “Puppet On A String” as the prelude to new, original music, with an instant flavour of mid-late 80’s retro pop about it.

With a natural knack for storytelling, Neriah is the Los Angeles native that never holds back. The gifted singer/songwriter likes to spend hours telling stories and singing as she drives up and down the coast. Although previously growing a large following for her intimate Youtube vlogs, her vulnerable self-expression began at the age of 5 when she wrote her very first song.

Neriah made her music debut proper in 2020 with “Loner” and gradually building up a sizeable collection of tracks, most of which fouind their way onto her 8-track EP, “This Is How The World Made Me”.

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