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FRESH: ‘For Once’ – Abby Simone

“For Once” Abby Simone shines with her new single


Abby Simone’s singles “Walking Away” and “Same Sunrise” have seen the singer-songwriter gain early support, now she now continues that upward trajectory by sharing her third single “For Once”.

Leaning into the sensuality of R&B with the physical release of crossover dance-pop, “For Once” finds Abby Simone taking us onto the dancefloor with a more uplifting and cooler sound.

“For Once” comes from a very different headspace to the usual party-starting anthems. The track sees her asserting herself as being in charge of her emotions, while finding a post-breakup release amidst the sweaty, frantic energy of clubs across Europe and Singapore. Abby wrote ‘For Once’ with her regular collaborator and producer CUURLEY.

All three of her songs are all set to feature on Abby’s upcoming debut EP, a collection which feels somewhere between Jorja Smith’s brooding R&B and Dua Lipa’s powerhouse pop. There’s always been an undercurrent of rebellion and self-determination throughout Abby’s story. Growing up in Singapore, she would sneakily listen to music forbidden by her Christian parents with the empowerment of Destiny’s Child being particularly enthralling.

Abby fronted a jazz/soul/funk party band, but really wanted to explore her vision, which presented complex and often melancholy emotions via a contemporary sound and her elegant, soul-searing voice. Now based in Amsterdam, after spending two years working on the EP, Abby is poised for bigger things to come. The best way to know her, she declares, is to hear her – and a lot more people will surely soon be making her acquaintance.

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