FRESH: ‘Groovy’ – Cravity

Cravity go “Groovy” with their new ‘mini album’


K-Pop group, Cravity, have released their highly anticipated fifth Mini Album “Master:Piece” and showcase the release with the lead single, “Groovy” and marks their first release of 2023.

The nine members come together as nine puzzle pieces to create the perfect masterpiece. This album, which explodes with youthful energy, sings of free-spirited emotions that you, I, and we can all feel.

Mixing electro-funk vibes with early 2000’s Pop, ultimate freedom is the theme of the lead track “Groovy”, which hones Cravity’s youthful energy through fresh visuals and diverse colours, the music video takes you through a journey to find the missing piece of a puzzle.

Cravity’s message is that each of us is the protagonist of our own lives, whether in reality or on TV, and we have the limitless possibility of becoming whoever we want to be. As the album progresses, it introduces the message of love, hope, and dream; and these come together to form the keyword – empathy. The theme of wanting to pursue their true passion is not only something that any youth can go through in their life, but also Cravity’s way of creating its unique team colour.

Consisting of 6 tracks, Rappers Serim and Allen contributed to writing lyrics for “Groovy”, “Fly”, “Get Lifted”, and “Baddie”. Lead vocalist Woobin also participated in writing the lyrics for “Baddie” and “Light The Way”. Marking his second self-composed song on a Cravity album, “Light The Way” was inspired by the sight of their fans cheering when he’s on stage. “Baddie” features a variety of instruments played on the kaleidoscopic beat; while pop song “A to Z” expresses the desire to know everything about the other person from A to Z.

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