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FRESH: ‘Stay Alive’ – Eighty Ninety

Eighty Ninety release “Stay Alive” ahead of debut album!


Talkaboutpopmusic.com favourites Eighty Ninety have just released their next new song, “Stay Alive,” which will feature on their long-awaited debut album, due out very soon!

Following the album’s lead single, “2 Carat”, “Stay Alive” is a song that teems with raw, intense emotion. With no guard up, Abner delivers a refreshing account of his struggle with mental health.

Abner says of the track: “‘Stay Alive is about how our struggles with mental health can affect our relationships and how the things we do to cope and the people we love — and who love us — can help to get us through life’s hardest moments. For my whole life, music has been one of the tools I turn to as a listener and a musician, but I’ve never directly addressed it in a song before”.

Finding himself at a low point, Abner sat down at the piano and “Stay Alive” unfurled from there. From there, the duo transformed the confessional ballad into an uplifting pop tune that promises better days ahead. The accompanying music video, co-directed by Abner and Olivia Kimmel, captures the melancholic air of the song perfectly.

Both Abner and James have been working hard recently in the studio to complete the album, which comes some seven years after their first single, “Three Thirty”. The brothers have recently gained support from Taylor Swift, who put their tune “Your Favourite Song” on her Spotify playlist, adding a good few million streams to their growing fanbase! We cannot wait to hear more with the arrival of ‘album #1’, stay tuned…

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