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FRESH: ‘Fly Like A Bird’ – Sunny Luwe

Get ready for Summer with Sunny Luwe!


Get ready to wind the windows down and feel the warm coastal breeze, as Sunny Luwe (pronounced ‘loo’) grooves onto the scene with her newest track “Fly Like A Bird”.

Fresh off a recent name change, Australian artist Sunny Luwe, previously Dani Teveluwe, returns to road trip playlists everywhere with this synth-y Summer dream tune.

“Fly Like A Bird” takes inspiration from the rhythmic 60’s and 70’s, along with more contemporary 90’s pop artists like Nelly Furtado, making it a fitting first track for Teveluwe’s new moniker, Sunny Luwe. Her signature positive vibes shine through, and the first listen instantly conjures up the nostalgic sensation of a coastal road trip, transporting listeners to a simpler time of great music and the ‘good old days’.

The track is the result of a co-writing experience with Grammy-nominated artist Sally Seltmann, during which Sunny recalls feeling ‘overcome with gratitude’. This feeling of gratitude flows through the track, with Sunny’s adoration for the place she calls home – felt clearly in every note.

The transformation from Dani Teveluwe to Sunny Luwe was inspired by an encounter with a psychic, and reflects her love of sunshine, vintage fashion and classic music and sounds. The second part, Luwe, means ‘one who acts from intuition’, making Sunny Luwe the perfect moniker for this new, authentic chapter in her musical journey.

The music video for “Fly Like A Bird”, recorded by videographer Roan Sajko is the perfect visual accompaniment to the track. Featuring light-filled scenes of coastal living, the music video encapsulates the uplifting gratitude Luwe feels for her Australian home.

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