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FRESH: ‘Outta My League’ – Andrew Ash

Andrew Ash proves he is not “Outta My League!


Andrew Ash is an award winning, up and coming Pop Singer/Songwriter from the queer-pop scene of Portland, Oregon. His latest single “Outta My League” is out today, and it’s a feel-good, synth-heavy 80’s inspired disco jam.

The track is accompanied by a refreshingly feel-good music video, that matches the songs vibrant and colourful tone and sees Andrew and his Love Heart heading to Italy for a green-screened adventure!

The Italo Disco, 80s-inspired Pop track, equipped with catchy melodic hooks and a massive guitar solo, showers any listener with the confidence to approach that new romantic interest in their life, and will be sure to put a spring in your step for romance this April. The track is the follow up to last years’ equaly positive “I Think I’m Ready For Love”.

“Outta My League” began life in 2005, when Andrew was dating someone he felt was out of his league, and was journaling and writing lyrics about his feelings and experiences at the time. “Outta My League” was recorded in the Portland-based studio of producer, Troy Welstad witht he key message of of the song designed to help listeners believe in themselves, to go after love and to have fun doing so!

As a proud, openly gay man, who has struggled with dyslexia throughout his life, Andrew’s relationship with music offers a point for authentic expression and connection with others through his lived experience. That tenacity, playfulness and love for authenticity has connected with audiences, propelling Andrew into a rising pop sensation. Go Andrew!

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