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FRESH: ‘Holding On’ – Yota

Yota returns with “Holding On”


Yota, the Swedish singer, is back with new music for 2023 and she has just released “Holding On”, her first since her 2021 album, “Lucid Dreams”.

The track is another slice of retro mid-80’s sounding synthwave that adds to an already accomplished body of songs released through the now familiar NewRetroWave site.

Yota has been producing music since 2010 when she released her debut “Love Emulator” and she’s not disappointed ever since. Her 2019 smash “Limelight” is a highlight and a standout, and should not be ignored at all costs! Yota proved her worth again in 2020 with “The Vibe”, another rousing anthem that has animal attraction to it’s vibe, quite literally!

2021 saw Yota dish up her second album, “Lucid Dreams” following three earlier EP releases, while 2022 just saw a remix of “Runaway” courtesy of Night Drive. Yota has been busy working on new material and a new album ever since and she’s almost ready so “Holding On” is more than welcome to open this next stage of her career. The song grips you from the first few seconds with its chilled, constant beat and vibe as it grows to her now euphoric choruses. If you miss 1985 in 2023, then this is your sound! Yota’s vocals glide across the soundtrack effortlessly, enticing you in and wanting more.

Stockholm born Yota says she “stepped into dance music in the late 90’s as a hobby” but eventually this consumed all of her time and in the 21st century she pursued this professionally, working initially with producer Martin Venetjoki. Yota lives in Paris now, which opens many doors for her to expand her sound and style and meet with other retro artists in the same genre. Yota has worked and collaborated with Lifelike, Alan Braxe, John Acquaviva, DJ Yellow, Zoo Brazil, Håkan Lidbo, John Dahlbäck, Popular Computer, Cassette Club, Demon and Stonebridge just to name a few of them!

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