How To Sing “Chandelier” Like Sia


How To Sing “Chandelier” Like Sia

One of my favourite songs of 2014 was “Chandelier” by Sia and if I was inclined to try to sing like her how could I do this?

Well, first of all I wouldn’t even contemplate trying as I can’t sing while being myself never mind trying to sound like someone else.

However, if you are musically gifted and can carry a note, then you should check out Belting Course by Felicia Ricci.

Who is Felicia Ricci?

She is a proper vocal coach type person and breaks the song down into little parts and describes phonetically how Sia sings it. Even if you’re not a singer or never want to be – trust me, you need to watch this!

I think she does a great job and I know I said I wouldn’t try but over the past few days there have, unfortunately, been a few outbursts heard of me singing:


“Ahm gohna sween frahna chendolee”


Thanks Sia and thanks Felicia!

Can you sing like Sia? Would you like to? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @PopAndTalk


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