I’ve previously discussed how much I surprised myself by the fact that I enjoyed AWOLNATION’s debut album “Megalithic Symphony” and they have just released their new album “Run” and I am still being surprised.

They describe their sound as electronic rock but I describe it as “sometimes singy, sometimes shouty”. I don’t usually like hard, heavy rock music but these guys just have something different. So much so that when the songs are going along in a nice, easy listening way I keep wanting the shouting to start.

The lead single “Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf)” starts with a good sounding beat and singer Aaron Bruno then belts out the words and then as soon as the chorus comes the song changes direction almost entirely.

I love the songs when there is just piano and Aaron’s voice such as on “Fat Face”. This is one of the times where I can’t wait for him to begin screaming in the way that he does.

Some of the tracks are just pure, in your face belters from the off such as “Windows” but, again they do bring with it a brief interlude of sweet singing.

There are other such as “Lie Love Live Love” that are just so damn catchy, it’s scary.

My personal favourite would have to be “Headrest For My Soul” simply because it’s got a mixture of everything and I love the lyrics.

Even if you think it’s not your normal genre of music you would listen to I would urge you to give it a try and I’m sure you will surprise yourself too.

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