The highlight of the musical year – Eurovision 2016 is almost upon us and having reviewed all the entries here are my predictions for  the grand final in Stockholm…which I will be attending

I got 8/10 on my predictions for Semi Final One, 7/10 for Semi Final Two let’s hope I can get some of the award point correct for the grand final

From each semi final only 10 acts qualified to the grand final. The Big Five countries (UK, Italy, France, Spain and Germany) and the host country (Sweden) automatically get to the final.

I can’t vote for he United Kingdom but I wish Joe and Jake the best of luck!

In true Eurovision style I will away my points from 1 to 12 in order of my favourites (not who I think will win based on speculations).

Here are the results of the Talk About Pop Music jury…

1 point goes to Netherlands

2 points go to Croatia

3 points go to Malta

4 points go to Germany

5 points go to France

6 points go to Australia

7 points go to Sweden

8 points go to Austria

10 points go to Spain

And finally, thanks Sweden for being fantastic hosts this year and the 12 points from the Talk About Pop Music jury goes to….


Thanks for great songs by Belgium, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Israel and Cyprus but marginally missed out on my list. For the first time in years I feel that the Big Five have all offered great songs.

These are my personal favourites and I have left out the likes of Russia and Ukraine which I don’t actually enjoy so much but I actually do think they will score quite highly.

As am I writing this post I am currently on my way to Sweden starting to get very excited. Hopefully I will manage to find time to share a few photos and videos on Twitter so keep a look out for @PopAndTalk and @SteveSays2014

As I won’t be attending the annual Twitter party with Suzie and Hugh check out their predictions too.

Enjoy the show everyone and good luck to all performers!

What do you think? Let me know who you think will win in the comments below and don’t forget to tune into my tweets @PopAndTalk live from Stockholm until Monday.