Every UK Number One: Baby Jump

“Baby Jump” by Mungo Jerry was Number One on 6th March 1971 and stayed there for two weeks.

After 5 weeks at number one we see off George Harrison and the public changed direction and chose Mungo Jerry – him with the big hair, both on his face and head.

To be honest, I had never heard it before. Yup, you heard right. It didn’t come to our shores here in New Zealand. So I watched the video. And I can see why it didn’t come to our very conservative country. Don’t get me wrong. I loved ‘In the Summertime’ from them. That was number one for us the previous July for only one week. But it was a great song to sing along to. Anyway onto this single, which is very different.

“Baby Jump” is a popular song, released as a single in 1971 by Mungo Jerry.

Written by the group’s lead vocalist and guitarist Ray Dorset and produced by Barry Murray, it was the band’s second No. 1 single, reaching the top of the UK Singles Chart for two weeks in March 1971. The song originally entered at No. 32 and dropped out of the chart due to lack of sales data because of a national postal strike, but re-entered two weeks later at No. 14. The song also reached No. 5 in the Irish Singles Chart.

Like the group’s debut single, “In the Summertime,” it was a maxi-single playing at 33 rpm. The second track on the A-side was a Paul King composition, “The Man Behind the Piano”. The B-side, which had a playing time of 9 minutes 50 seconds, included live recordings from their Hollywood Festival appearance of “Maggie” (excerpt), “Midnight Special”, and “Mighty Man”.

Wikipedia doesn’t have a lot to say about this song. So here are the lyrics

She wears those micromini dresses
Hair hanging down her back

She wears those seethrough sweaters
She likes to wear her stocking black
And if I see her tonight

You can bet your life I’ll attack.
She got beautiful teeth
A toothpaste adman’s dream.
She got a beautiful form
The best I’ve ever seen.
I’ gonna get her tonight

I don’t care where she been.
I said baby

Baby what you doin’ to me.
I said baby
Baby jump into my dream.
I dream that she was Lady Chatterley’n
I was the game keeper.
I dream that I was Da Vinci and
She was the Mona Lisa.
I dream that I was Humbert and
She was Lolita.

I said baby

Baby what you doin’ to me.
I said baby

Baby what you doin to me.
I said baby

Baby jump into my dream.

Maybe our censors had something to do with this not being allowed to turn our young impressionable minds. But the lines about the toothpaste and man’s dreams are just a little too, well, weird.

And just some basic facts about Mungo Jerry :

Mungo Jerry are a British rock group whose greatest success was in the early 1970s, though they have continued with a changing line-up that has always been fronted by Ray Dorset. The group’s name was inspired by the poem “Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer”, from T. S. Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats.[1] They are identified with their biggest hit “In the Summertime”. It remains their most successful and most instantly recognisable song. They had nine charting singles in the UK, including two number ones, and five top 20 hits in South Africa.

My son just laughed at Ray Dorset’s rather hairy look. Hard to believe now that it was normal back then, well probably not here in my fair land.

As I said earlier we never had this as a number one here. Instead we were ahead of Great Britain for once:

We went for the clean shaven and rather less hairy Tony Orlando and Dawn. Don’t you just dig all those clothes and jewelry.

So it is back to the future for me.