EUROVISION SPOTLIGHT: The Top 10 Eurovision Song Contest Entries From The 1990s

Eurovision in the 1990s

Do you remember the Eurovision Song Contest in the 1990s?

Let’s take a walk down memory lane and look at some of the best from each year of the second best decade EVER!

10 – Yugoslavia 1990 

I have no idea what the hell she is singing about but this singer, who seemed to be a mash-up of Debbie HarryMarilyn Monroe and Transvision Vamp, had me making up my own words and singing along for weeks.

9 – Sweden 1991 

What a winner this was. It was my favourite by far. Carola, from Sweden. Sweden know how to give us a great Eurovision song and this is one of their best. I loved the way she came bouncing on the stage like a little pop pantomime pixie and I’m pretty sure she was the first singer to have a wind machine – so, in your FACE Jennifer Lopez!
When she sang it again upon winning I was amazed! I knew Swedish! No, she was just singing in English…

8 – Iceland 1992 

The Icelandic entry was from a group called Heart 2 Heart. I think they should have been called Hair 2 Teeth because all I can see is blonde hair and enamel when I watch this video. Catchy song though…

7 – United Kingdom 1993

This year the UK decided to put forward one of my favourite 80′s pop stars. The wonderful Sonia (check out my interview with her) sang “Better The Devil You Know”. She’s bubbly, fun and can belt out a tune too. I’m not quite sure why she decided to dress up like Tinky Winky or maybe this is where the Teletubbies got their inspiration from – no offence, Sonia. She delivered an amazing performance of a perfect song choice. It was a nail biting finish as it came down to the very, very last vote. It could have went either way but alas, it was better the devil that Sonia didn’t know because sadly, she lost. Well done though, still one of my favourite UK entries so thank you Sonia.

6 – Germany 1994 

Next up a classic Eurovision entry from Germany. It’s cheesy, it’s bouncy and it’s got dance moves. It’s also got three female singers who haven’t quite managed to work out that their dance moves need to be in time with each other. But they don’t care, they’re going to a party – and from the way one of the girls is dressed it looks like it might be gay biker’s party. Too often we forget the other musicians on the stage so look out at 2:23 for Rod Stewart and Tina Turner’s love child playing the drums. At 2:49 there’s a sex pest playing the keyboard and he gets to say “oh yeah” and then after the German rap interlude he get’s to say “dance” at 3:13.

This is proper Eurovision material and I’m glad it came at least third.

5 – Denmark 1995 

Denmark next and this was my favourite song of 1995 and is still one of my favourite Eurovision songs ever. Performed by Aud Wilken, who I can only describe as the Danish version of Cerys Matthews, I just love, love love this song.

4 – Estonia 1996

I liked the Estonian entry and I still do. It starts off really sweet with the girl singing. Some might say that Oliver Reed hi-jacking the song really ruins it but I just think it adds to the performance…there’s also a new generation of sex pest playing the keyboard…

3 – Russia 1997

The Russian entry was called “Primadonna” and well the singer, she was very much Pre-Madonna. I’m quite sure that the lady singing thought she was entering a Jackie Stallone lookalike contest rather than a singing contest.

2 – Israel 1998

The winner in 1998 was from Israel with the song “Diva” performed by Dana International. What is there to say? This is a classic Eurovision winner and both the performer and the song are the essence of what Eurovision is all about. Go Dana…

1 – Sweden 1999

They sure know how to produce a perfect Eurovision song and so they should as they have the Melodifestivalen to choose their song which pretty much lasts all year. It was Charlotte Nilsson’s turn this year with “Take Me To Your Heaven” which kind of had a religious theme but it was much more subtle than some of the other entries. Okay, so I want to put together an Swedish Abba-type super Eurovision group and so far we’ve got Carola, now Charlotte – who else do we need?

How Amazing would that be – go Sweden!!!

What about you? What were your favourite Eurovision songs from the 90s?



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