Love Yourself vs F**k Yourself

Popular Songs With Replies

Whilst listening to the Spotify United Kingdom Viral Top 50 I heard a song that was a cover version of “Love Yourself” by Justin Bieber but it had a twist.

It is performed by Yo Preston but it also has a response by Kelly Kiara…

It reminded me of a couple of other songs that other singers have then “responded to”.

I’ve been doing my Every UK Number One Song series for a while now and it really has opened up my musical tastes to a whole different generation.

It’s introduced me to new classics and made me more familiar with others. Occasionally, I’ll be reviewing a song and like it so much that I will play it constantly – so much so that they even make it into my Weekly Playlist of most played songs in that week.

Last week when I reviewed “Tell Laura I Love Her” I basically fell in love with this beautifully sad song and I have had it on repeat ever since but the story doesn’t end there…

I discovered that there was a follow-up reply to this song (I won’t spoil the story) so I challenge you to listen to them both and try not to get emotional.

The only other similar situations that I know of where songs reply to another song are not so nice.

What about you? Do you know of any other “response songs”? Please let me know about them in the comments below or tweet me @PopAndTalk

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