Sunny Afternoon Musical

REVIEW: Sunny Afternoon @ His Majesty’s Theatre, Aberdeen

Sunny Afternoon – The Hit Musical Based On The Music Of The Kinks

I’ve always loved the music of The Kinks so when I realised that the musical based on their rise to fame and featuring all of their biggest hits was coming to Aberdeen – I had to go!

I went. I watched, listened and danced and I left wanting more.

Sunny Afternoon Musical

Even before the show started I knew we were in for a great show – there was a ‘runaway’ coming out of the stage and the was also steps leading up onto the stage from the audience. We were quite near the front in the stalls so I knew the actors were going to get up close and personal!

Although I’m a fan of their music I really didn’t know much about the band’s story so the night was going to be educational as well as entertaining. The show begins even before the band were The Kinks, in fact, the show begins before you even know it’s begun. This might sound strange but it actually added to the atmosphere when the actors just casually walk onto the stage with the house lights still up and begin warming up as if it was a real gig.

The story began and the packed theatre was transported back to the 60s – it was awesome!

What made it even better for me was the fact that the story was written by Ray Davies himself which added the ‘real’ quality to it. The songs I didn’t know so well were intertwined into the storyline but the big hits were always ‘performed’ by the band.

It was the opening night in Aberdeen and the cast were already on top form. The original actor who was supposed to play Ray Davies was unable to perform so it was understudy in this performance and I truly don’t think that made any difference.

What made the show great for me? It would have to be ‘Dave Davies’ – he was the star as far as I’m concerned. Although he was apparently ‘wild’ in real life and I’m sure this was slightly exaggerated for the show – he was so, so funny and well performed by Mark Newnham. The swinging across the stage on the chandelier incident was brilliant!

Sad in places, hilarious in others, all accompanied by great music it has something for everyone. When it was time for the performance of the title song, ‘Sunny Afternoon’, in the story in coincided with England’s 1966 Football World Cup triumph. It was all very patriotic and there was even confetti falling throughout the audience. I’m sure this gets a great reaction in English theatres but in Scottish ones – not so much. I did notice they were using Union Jack flags rather than the St George’s cross. Perhaps this is only done for Scottish theatres? I’m also not so sure how this part of the show will be received on Friday when there’s the England/Scotland match being played at Wembley…I’m sure it will be fine!

Look out for the version of  ‘Days’ – it was simply beautiful.

One of the songs I was really looking forward to was ‘Waterloo Sunset’ and it lived up to all expectations. At that point I thought the show couldn’t get much better – it did. It finished with a great rendition of ‘Lola’ followed by a medley of all the big hits that had already been performed. Standing ovations all round and my hands were getting sore from clapping so much!

What else can I say? ‘Sunny Afternoon Musical’, well – ‘You Really Got Me’. Thanks to everyone involved!

If you are a fan of the songs then this show is a must see – take a look below at the tour dates and get booking:

Sunny Afternoon Musical


If you don’t get the opportunity to go and see the show this time then remind yourself of the great back catalogue of The Kinks on Spotify:

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