REVIEW: Nathan Sykes – ‘Unfinished Business’

Nathan Sykes reveals his ‘Unfinished Business’

Reviewed by Victoria

From the opening track, it is clear that ‘Unfinished Business’ has been written to show us who Nathan Sykes is. This is an soul-baring, career defining moment for the singer- songwriter and he more than proves why he is one of the industry most diverse and vocally gifted artists.

Starting with the uplifting and almost gospel inspired ‘Good Things Come To Those Who Wait’.

The up-tempo mood continues on ‘Kiss Me Quick’, Where we are treated to Nathan’s soulful tones, and his flawless falsetto – backed by an 8 piece band, Sykes has created a pop tune that ticks all the right boxes.

‘Money’, has a horn led baseline which leans towards a more funk/RNB sound. Designed to transport you straight to the club.

‘Freedom’, speaks to all those who ever felt trapped in a relationship and the soulful sound perfectly captures the emotions you feel when you finally walk away.

‘Twist’, is a track which sounds as if it walked straight out of the Motown studios. If you’re looking to tell someone that they are rather easy on the eye. Then press play here.

Taking the tempo down a few notches. ‘I Can’t Be Mad’, is a scars and all ballad. The raw emotion can be felt on every line as Nathan takes us all to back those dark times in our lives. The stripped back sound, allows us to hear the singer to move up and down the vocal scale with ease. The falsetto on the choruses, and the notes held towards the end of the track will no doubt leave you a blubbering wreck.

‘There’s Only One Of You’, is the perfect follow up as Sykes dabbles in acoustics as he reminisces over a former love.

‘Famous’, has a bittersweet message and reminds us of the price of fame. Speculation has been riff as to who Nathan had in mind when he penned this but there is no doubt a valuable lesson to be learnt here.

Especially when the lesson is delivered in a classic 6/8 which automatically gives is a more bluesy and soulful feel.

Switching the tempo up again, we are treated to Nathan’s more sultry RNB sound on the track ‘Give It Up’. Remember the 90’s jam ‘Don’t Leave Me’ by Blackstreet? Well, listen out on the choruses as it contains an interpolation of the track. Rapper G-Eazy, is also bought in on the bridge.

‘More Than You’ll Ever Know’, keeps the sultry vibe going; and in my opinion, this is the strongest track on the album. The sound is straight-up funk and his vocals allow him to run riffs across the choruses. This is one track that you must seem performed live: as it will send shivers down your spine.

Ended with some heartfelt ballads, ‘Over and Over Again’, ‘I’ll Remember You’ and ‘Tears In The Rain’ rounds the album off nicely.

So what do we learn from the emotional roller coaster, that is ‘Unfinished Business’? Firstly, how he looks to challenge himself vocally on every track. It is a bold move, to switch between genres, yet over the course of the album we hear RNB , Soul, funk, ballads and some damn catchy pop tunes.

Secondly, we learn that it is hard work, humility and the ability to speak to the listener as if they are your ex, lover, unknown crush or friend that makes him one of the most exciting UK artists in years.

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