Searching for Techno in Las Vegas

With all the megaclubs along the Strip, it’s tough finding decent techno music in Las Vegas.

But just off South Las Vegas Boulevard is a little place that serves craft brews, creative street-style tacos and hosts local DJs to appease underground techno junkies. Have you ever heard a little place called Tacos and Beers?

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This quirky little joint is a place that takes their food and beers very seriously. Their tacos are to die for, while their beer selection includes 20 rotating on draft and a few dozen available in bottles. Though it’s clear that it’s not just tacos and beer that the T&B family is passionate about. Hosting two weekly events, TNB invites local and up-and-coming DJs for Nacho House Sundays and Techno Taco Tuesdays. Voted as one of the city’s best underground weekly parties, this spot has been graced with the presence of Barcelona duo Fur Coat along with local legends like Pedro Flores, Rob Fernandez and Cuartero. So if you’re ever in town and wondering where you can score great food, have a party and listen to techno, Tacos and Beers is the place to be.

Of all the subgenres that fall under the umbrella of EDM, techno doesn’t seem be as popular in Las Vegas compared to house and dance music. Home to Electric Daisy Carnival and some of the most extraordinary dance clubs known to man, many are often blinded by the bright lights of the Strip and the big EDM events, unable to see the Vegas’ wider scope of electronic music. But over the years, the city has done a lot to expand their musical landscape, with some help of the gaming industry at large.

With the changing demographics of casino patrons, tech developers have come to realize the importance of quality music in their games. As the Spike Games graphic designer Rob Anderson shares with the online gaming hub Pocketfruity, “It ties you to that kind of emotion. It creates a mood.” Looking back a couple decades ago, background music was just basic MIDI sounds, nothing nearly as exciting as what is offered now. Techno transforms the games, as its futuristic sounds added new depth to the player’s experience. Soundtracks drew players in, especially ones with techno beats as Fact Mag names several games with the best background music featuring EDM. Games in casinos also incorporated electronic music, which not only diversified the sounds commonly heard on the gambling floor, but it also indicated that Las Vegas is a city where techno can thrive.

Of course, casinos aren’t exactly the places you would for techno music, but all it takes to find the good, underground stuff is to just dig a little deeper and look beyond the festivals and nightclubs that the city is best known for.

Searching for Techno in Las Vegas

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