Eurovision Song Contest 2017: Montenegro - "Space" By Slavko Kalezić

Eurovision Song Contest 2017: Montenegro – “Space” By Slavko Kalezić

Eurovision Song Contest 2017: Montenegro -

Eurovision 2017 – Montenegro

The Montenegro song is called “Space” and performed by Slavko Kalezić.


Artist. Theatre. Music. Movies. TV series. TV media. X Factor. One man show. Vegetarian. Cosmopolitan. Those are the words that have been used to describe Slavko Kalezić.

Slavko Kalezić was born on 4th October 1985 in Podgorica, Montenegro. He started higher education in 2004 at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Montenegro and graduated in 2007. He specialised in dance and singing and in 2009 started a masters in acting where he perfected movement as an important tool in 21st century theatre.

Since 2008 Slavko has been a permanent member of the acting ensemble of the Montenegrin National Theatre. He cherishes the arts and in addition to theatre, he has had success in film and television. He has had over 30 roles in theatre, acted in six films and appeared in several TV programmes. He has also participated in The X Factor and released his debut album, The Dream of Eternity. He speak English and Italian and is a vegetarian.


Slavko says the three most interesting aspects about his entry are ‘My singing, the concept and the message of the song.’


Coming soon…



Wow! This certainly steps it up a notch after all the ballads that have been reviewed so far. Dodgy lyrics, dodgy dancing, dodgy ponytail, dodgy video. What else could we ask for. He could have have someone’s eye out with that thing…and yes I’m still talking about his ponytail!


This HAS to qualify! I need to see this in the final as the it would be a sadder place without this so I think it will qualify for that reason alone but it won’t really make too much of an impact (as far as points go) in the final finishing near the bottom (oo err!).


Linen is covered with feathers
Wet dreams, wild nightmares, I surrender
Come into me from within
We can be as one in the sin

The spaceship is ready to blow
Drunk in love, I’m gonna explode
Be my Bonnie, will mix and match with Clyde
Let’s explore this galaxy of stars

I have my suit on, no need to worry
Give me your body, let’s write a story
Our body language,
Rocket to the stars

Show me your superpowers
I’m Venus and Mars of the hour
I’ll protect you if you come my way
Let’s soar through the Milky Way

Takin’ off, we’re takin’ off, takin’ off
In space we can be as one’

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