Vodkbaren Stockholm

REVIEW: Where To Go Out In Stockholm – Vodkabaren

The Best (and smallest) Nightclub In Stockholm

It was one of the ‘must do’ activities on our itinerary during our second trip to Stockholm in March 2017. Experience the nightlife.

I’m not talking about any big dance nightclub here, I knew what I wanted and I needed to find it. I was looking for a no frills, euro pop party club. It was Sweden after all, the pop capital of the world so surely this wouldn’t be so hard to find.

It wasn’t. Thanks to a cool app that I found before we left called ‘Like A Local’ we discovered a hidden gem of a place called Vodkabaren.

What is Vodkabaren?

It’s claim to fame is that it’s the smallest nightclub in Stockholm and  it certainly lived up to that claim. It also said it was ideal tunes for the late 80s baby and 90s kid so this sounded fab to us.

After our meal in Bistro Bestick we decided to head to Vodkabaren with the aid of Google maps – obviously. Upon turning a corner we were greeted by the sidewalk lit up with a projection of disco colours and we realised – we had arrived!

Vodkabaren Stockholm

As soon as you walked in through the front door you were beside the bar, on the dance floor and next to the toilets all at once! I wouldn’t call it small, I’d say intimate and since it wasn’t too busy when we arrived this was perfect. We sat at the bar and the barman was very attentive in supplying us with drinks.

The music was Pop-tastic. A mix of classic euro pop, Swedish pop and camp classics proved that this was the best club we could have went to that night. Then when Italy’s Eurovision entry for 2017 started to play – this sealed the deal. A night club in Sweden playing new Eurovision songs even before the final is my idea of heaven!

The barman was controlling the tunes via an iPad and some really cool Spotify app which I needed to find ASAP! I figure out the next day it was Spotify DJ App. It also soon become obvious that he was taking requests from other people who had already started dancing next to the bar/dance-floor.

Go ask for ‘Euphoria’ by Loreen I told Greg and he did. We were both getting quite drunk by this point and pretty much just high on a feeling so when the song came on almost immediately and everyone in the club erupted we not had to do a quick side-step to be on the dance floor amongst the other people dancing to Loreen.

How awesome it was to be in a non Eurovision club where everyone loved Eurovision as much as we did.

There were a few other requests I put in but I can only really remember asking for ‘Wee’ Frans and enjoyed every second of it on the dance-floor.

There was also a couple of outings of YMCA – naturally.

We made friends with a Swedish lady who couldn’t understand why we were Scottish but weren’t wearing kilts (this has resulted in an idea for outfits for the Eurovision final in Kyiv in may). She was also being refused drinks by the barman as she was deemed to drunk which made me feel a little better as I thought I was steaming yet I was still being served! She was fun though.

Drinks were a bit on the pricey side but that’s just the norm in Stockholm and once you have a couple the “loose wallet” syndrome soon takes over. Plus, I justified the price of drinks by saying I was paying for the awesome atmosphere too.

It didn’t seem to matter who or what you were, where you came from and how terrible your dancing or how questionable your choice in music was here. Everyone was more than welcome!

The club closes at 3pm but We left about 2pm just as the next days memory loss started to make in roads in our minds. What do I mean by this? Well at some point after leaving the club we managed to make two more new friends, get a hot dog and order an Uber back to the hotel with neither of us having too much memory of this the next morning!

Vodkabarren Stockholm

Should you go to Vodkabaren? Absolutely, it’s a must for any pop music lover and it will be first on our list of places to go back to next time we visit!

What about you? Have you been? What other clubs would you recommend in Stockholm? Let me know in the comments below.

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