Eurovision Song Contest 2017: Portugal - "Amar Pelos Dois" By Salvador Sobral

Eurovision Song Contest 2017: Portugal – “Amar Pelos Dois” By Salvador Sobral

Eurovision Song Contest 2017: Portugal - "Amar Pelos Dois" By Salvador Sobral

Eurovision 2017 – Portugal

The Portugal song is called “Amar Pelos Dois” and performed by Salvador Sobral.


Salvador Sobral studied Psychology but his overwhelming passion for music took over and he has proved to be one of the great promises in the Portuguese and Spanish music scene. While he lived in the US and in Barcelona, where he studied at the prestigious school Taller de Musics, he carried out several musical projects: he composed for himself but at the same time he created audacious performances inspired by Chet Baker, took in bossa-nova and lent his songs the sweet sonorities of Latin America.

His voice, always in the right place and over which he has full, flawless control, and the magnetism with which he wins people over when he’s on stage, have awarded him the best reviews from the specialised press, colleagues and, most importantly, from the ultimate judge – the public. Excuse Me (2016), his debut album, was a musical co-production by Júlio Resende, Leonardo Aldrey and Salvador himself.


The song Amar Pelos Dois (For The Both Of Us) was penned by his Salvador’s sister Luisa and he says the three most interesting things about it are the simplicity, emotion and spontaneity.



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This is dull beyond all comprehension! Also the way he performs just really irritates me. I probably hate it as much as I hated the Ukraine entry last year so no doubt this will win.

It’s dull, he’s dirty looking and what he does with his hands just gets on my nerves!


Despite what I said above I HOPE this doesn’t even qualify.


‘Se um dia alguém
Perguntar por mim
Diz que vivi
Para te amar
Antes de ti
Só existi
Cansado e sem nada p’ra dar

Meu bem
Ouve as minhas preces
Peço que regresses
Que me voltes a querer

Eu sei
Que não se ama sozinho
Talvez devagarinho
Possas voltar a aprender

Se o teu coração
Não quiser ceder
Não sentir paixão
Não quiser sofrer
Sem fazer planos
Do que virá depois
O meu coração
Pode amar pelos dois’


‘If anyone ever wonders about me
Tell them I have lived solely to love you
Before you I only existed
Worn out and with nothing left to give

My love
Listen to my pleas
I beg you to come back
To want me again

I know
That one can’t love by oneself
But maybe with time
You will learn to love me as well

If you heart
Won’t be wiling to give in
Won’t be willing to feel
Won’t be willing to suffer
Without making plans of what will come ahead
My heart can love for both of us instead’

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Eurovision Song Contest 2017: Portugal - "Amar Pelos Dois" By Salvador Sobral

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