Twenty One Pilots Review

What The F*** Twenty One Pilots?


Twenty One Pilots

Sometimes I can’t actually believe that I have made it through my life without having heard a particular song, or of a particular song.

Such was the case with Twenty One Pilots and their song ‘Stressed Out’. It ended up on my Spotify playlist, I have no idea how, but I’m thinking perhaps it was divine intervention, I LOVE this song.

It’s laid back tempo, beats and catchy tune just became ingrained in my brain. So much so I got some funny looks on the train platform one night. Forgetting where I was I started to belt out the chorus….well I was stressed out.

I was intrigued and decided to check out some of their other tunes on Spotify, and what a good decision that was. This band who originated from Columbus, Ohio way back in 2009 have a discography of music that literally has a little something for everyone, alternative hip hop, electropop, indie pop and even some rock. Seriously how did I make it through 8 years without ever having heard of these two geniuses before now! Ah well better late than never.

Thank you Spotify for yet again increasing and widening my musical circle, and thank you Steve for your initial introduction and furious pushing in the apps general direction.

Want to see for yourself what I am excited about, then check out the song ‘Stressed Out’ for yourself…

If this is one is not your thing then I’m sure there will be one you love so check out their other tunes on Spotify…

You’re welcome 😉

Written by Juls

stary-profile-picJuls is an Irish music lover – not in the fact that she only loves Irish music, as in the fact she’s from Ireland and she loves music. She does love Irish music too – of course. Juls and her friends have a “music bubble” where they share new and old music that they have just discovered and since they all have similar taste – the bubble is an awesome place to be.

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