Celebrate Your Curvy Bits With A Song And A Dance

Big Girls Are Beautiful!

Meghan Trainor is “all about that bass” and apparently that means she’s rejoicing in the fact that she’s not a skinny, supermodel type lady. Good on her. Let’s celebrate the curves with some tunes for the non-skinny

Meghan Trainor – “All About The Bass”

Meghan was one of the first artists to enter the UK charts with online streaming counts only. It would appear people love to stream her booty. It is a very catchy tune and I love the big guy in the video…

Mika – “Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)”

Whatever happened to Mika? He was everywhere at one point and has since faded away. I loved this song and the fact that he himself is a long streak of pish a very skinny guy yet is singing with all those voluptuous ladies…

Queen – “Fat Bottomed Girls”

The brilliant Queen and the late, great Freddie Mercury don’t mess about on this track. Freddie loves a bit of those fat bottomed girls (well one out of three ain’t bad). I’m sure this song got a few ladies upset back in the day but they are simply encouraging you to cherish your chubby bits…

Gossip – “Pop Goes The World”

There’s a bigger problem than the bigger ladies in this world and that’s the misconception that if you are not skinny you can’t be famous. Wrong! Take Beth Ditto from the Gossip. A larger lady but she’s got style, she’s famous, she’s a belter of a singer and she has more talent in one of her chubby fingers than ten of those stick thin women we are forced to look at these days…

The Smiths – “Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others”

The Smiths take an educational approach…

Morrissey – “You’re The One For Me, Fatty”

After they’d split up Morrissey took a more direct approach…

Hairspray – “Big, Blonde & Beautiful”

Hairspray tries to defeat all the bullies with the medium of song and dance. Well, what better way? You may be big, you may even be black but everyone is beautiful…

If you’re a big lady or a big man or even a little man or a little lady. Good for you! Have a dance, have a sing song because we all CAN!

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