Man Kissing Man

Sometimes Boys Like Boys!


Show Me Some Man Love!

by Steve McSteveface

The world is a different place these days and being a gay pop star is nothing out of the ordinary, not something to be hidden and not even something that people actually care about any more.

What I didn’t see a lot of, well, not until I went specifically looking anyway, was pop songs about ‘man love’. There are millions of love songs where boy wants girl, boy gets girl, boy loves girl and then boy loses girl and boy gets girl back.

There are not so many where boy wants boy, boy gets boy, boy loves boy and then boy loses boy and boy gets boy back.

However, they are out there and I’ve created a video playlist to get them all in one place for anyone else who is interested in a bit of man on man music. Some videos that I did find were very cheesy and some were even borderline pornographic so I’ve done a bit of sifting out the rubbish and ended up with this so far…

What’s your favourite? If you know of any videos that would fit onto this playlist then please get in touch and I will add them in.

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