SHAZAM! How To Create The Perfect Spotify Playlist

SHAZAM! How To Create The Perfect Spotify Playlist

Creating The Perfect Playlist

By Steve McSteveface

There’s lots of advice already out there on how to create the perfect playlist so what would my top tips be?

Recently I’ve created a couple of very popular playlists based on TV shows. The most successful being for the Netflix Originals series ‘Dark’.

Dark Netflix

I have added in a lot of extra songs that “fit” with the theme but what’s the best way to include all the songs featured in a show itself.

Simple – Shazam!

What Is Shazam?

Shazam is an app that will give you information about a song you hear playing. I have used Shazam since it started, I remember holding my original Nokia 3310 up to a speaker while dialling 2-5-8-0 and waiting about 5 minutes for a text message response telling me which song had just been heard.

I also remember that this didn’t always work and I had just wasted another 12p.

To say the service has grown since then is a MASSIVE understatement!

It’s definitely worth paying for the ‘Encore’ version of the App.

It’s also just been announced that Apple are to buy Shazam for $400m.

How do I use Shazam to help with my playlists?

When I start to watch a TV show that I know I will want to get all the songs played from I set Shazam to “auto Shazam” and just leave my phone on the table.

That way any music being played during the show is automatically captured, tracked in the app and I can then copy across to Spotify. Genius, right?

Another thing that I make sure I do with my playlists is give them an awesome cover image.

If I have an idea for a playlist and want other people’s input I always find that Reddit is very helpful for that too. The PopHeads and Spotify subreddits are two of my favourites.

What about you? What playlists tips do you have?

Check out some of our playlists here and let us know what you think.

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