Spotify Now Lets You Customise Playlist Cover Images!

Custom Playlist Image Spotify

Customise Spotify Playlist Cover Image

You didn’t used to be able to create customised playlist cover images – it would simply just show the first four songs in your playlist. Now – you can and it’s quite awesome!

If you love playlists and you love Spotify – it’s a no brainer that you would want to get to work on this right away!

How to add your own Spotify playlist image?

It’s really simple – all you need to do is click on the ellipsis next to your playlist, choose edit and then you can change the image as well as add a description. Genius!

The change happens instantly on the desktop player but takes a little longer to show on the web player – be patient!

I could have quite easily created a short instructional video for this but why bother when someone else has, right? Thanks Eddie!

I’ve been using Canva to create my own images and here’s what I’ve done so far – you can also click the links to go to the playlist. Also, if you like these then keep checking for new playlists at Talk About Pop Music.

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