30 Years Of Pop: My Amazing Journey With Kylie Minogue

30 Years Of Pop: My Amazing Journey With Kylie Minogue


Who Is Kylie Minogue?

Kylie Minogue is the one, the only – stunning Princess Of Pop!

After one or two top ups of my wine glass and a deep dive into Kylie’s back catalogue I had a sudden realisation. For myself and perhaps also for anyone else who was born in the 70’s and grew up in the 80’s


What do I mean by this? Well, when Kylie first hit the airwaves in 1987 I was nine years old – all innocent, fresh-faced and not yet aware of what the big, bad world might have in store for me.

In a pop parallel, Kylie, already well-known as Charlene Mitchell from the Australian soap opera, Neighbours, was a squeaky clean, untainted, breath of fresh air – bouncing her way to the top of the pop charts.

Pure Pop Perfection

Two songs showing how pure Kylie was when she first started out are “I Should Be So Lucky” and “Got To Be Certain”. When I watch these now it reminds me of the years when everything was so simple.

Similarly, Kylie obviously didn’t care less at that time what the media thought of how she dressed, how she looked and who she was dating. Have a look and be transported back to that care-free time….

Fast forward two years and it’s 1989,  I am 11 years old about to start high school. Everything within me and everything around me is starting to change.

Vulnerable To Victorious

What’s happening? Why do things have to change? Will I get through this? These are just a few of the many questions that would constantly play in my mind.

Meanwhile, in Kylie’s world, she too is changing during this time and following a similar journey as my own. The last of the innocence is left behind with “Hand On Your Heart“. There is a period of reflection on these changes with “Never Too Late” and “Wouldn’t Change a Thing

“we both got through it and came out the other side much stronger.”

Of course, there was lots of tears shed along the way but we emerged – fighting. Two songs that show this are “Tears On My Pillow” for the sad times  and “Better The Devil You Know” for the end result. Have a listen, have a cry and then stick two fingers up at the world and say “I’m coming to get you!”

In the year to follow the sexy videos, naked flesh and sex took over – and that was just me! Kylie was also discovering/showing off her sexuality through her music…

Sexy, Sinful & Shameless

The two songs “Shocked” and “Word Is Out” show how a fresh face innocent has changed and emerged as a force to be reckoned with…have a listen and get sexy!

High school ends and I go off to University still not sure of what I want to be in this crazy world. This was the time for meeting new people from different backgrounds and trying different things. Experimenting! Realising that some experiments work and some experiments don’t but having the balls to try!

It’s Risky But We’re Fearless

I’m lucky (lucky, lucky, lucky) that my experiments weren’t broadcast around the world. At the same time as I was re-inventing myself, Kylie was also trying to do the same. She wanted to drop her pop princess persona and become an indie chick.

I was a big fan of this experiment but it didn’t sell so well for her. Two songs from “Indie Kylie” that didn’t quite get her the praise she deserved were “Did It Again” and “Some Kind Of Bliss”. Go on, mess your hair up, have a few beers, take a risk and get listening…

The subject I studied at University wasn’t for me. I did, however, see it through to completion, I got my degree but I decided not to follow that career path. I was a people person not an engineer (sorry engineers). Kylie tried her hand at indie but again, it wasn’t for her. We both needed to do what we were good instead and what people wanted from us. After a period in the wilderness Kylie went back to her roots and I started my career in roles that would help people.

Mind Blowing

The two songs which allowed Kylie to not just return to Pop Princess status but also give the Queen Of Pop a run for her money were  “Spinning Around” and “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head”. At the same time I was making big steps to get to where I wanted to be. My outfits were, however, far less exciting…

During a period of my life which had a massive turning point, Kylie released “I Believe In You” and I am so glad that she did as I needed it right then. She still believed in me and I still believed in her!

We Believe!

10 studio albums and 20 years later and both me and Kylie were getting to where we knew we always wanted to be. It was a time for the new to meet the old again and be joined with love. Just “Wow” and these “Two Hearts” were always meant to come together.

By 2010 both myself and Kylie were not just happy with who we were we also knew that we could take on the world. Not just take it on – but win and not really give a shit about what other people thought of us. “Get Outta My Way” everyone because we are going to make sure that every new day is “Better Than Today”.

Ups and downs, ins and outs we’ve all had them – we never know what’s going to come next as this wonderful life of ours moves on.

“With nothing to lose, into the blue”

All we can do is go “Into The Blue” with a smile and a desire to get through whatever life throws at us.

The Gift That Keeps Giving

As if Kylie hadn’t give me enough gifts, these days Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without it being a “Kylie Christmas”.

Alas, this part of our journey is at an end but the future looks very promising for us both. I look forward to travelling there with Ms Minogue and the forthcoming album and tour. It’s my mission to get to see her live!

Make the time and watch all Kylie’s videos from the past 30 years…

If that’s not enough – and of course it’s not – get following the ’30 Years Of Pop: My Amazing Journey With Kylie Minogue’ playlist on Spotify…

30 Years Of Pop: My Amazing Journey With Kylie Minogue

That’s still not enough! So, make sure you follow Kylie Minogue on Spotify and have instant access to her entire back catalogue and more!

What about you – what music artist has followed your life journey so far? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @PopAndTalk

30 Years: My Amazing Journey With Kylie Minogue


29 responses to “30 Years Of Pop: My Amazing Journey With Kylie Minogue

  1. I was never a big fan of the pop dance genre during those years, but I did like Kylie for some reason, maybe it’s because I just dig a lot of music that comes out of Australia, then she did that thing with Nick Cave who I was a fan of and that solidified my respect for Kylie. Just saw a screening of ‘10,000 Days on Earth’ the recent Nick Cave ‘doc’ it’s a bit more of a loose re-imagining but she’s in it!

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  4. Hi Steve,
    I’m popping round from Suzie’s blog party as well.
    As an Australian, I remember when Kylie Minogue first appeared on Neighbours and when Charlene and Scott got married. Then Kylie seemed to do a song called Locomotion and she got paid out big time in Australia. There was a real Kylie cringe factor. I’m not sure why. I wasn’t a huge fan. I spent a year backpacking through Europe and was in Leipzig asking for directions and the guy says to me: “Australia? Kylie Minogue”. This was just a few years after the wall had come down and Germany had been reunified.Leipzig was still very Eastern bloc and I culdn’t believe that of all the things this guy knew about Australia, it was Kylie Minogue. I was not impressed.
    I’ve liked her for awhile now and love Locomotion.
    All I’ll say is that it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind!
    xx Rowena

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  5. I only have 2 Kylie songs in my music library, and “I Should Be So Lucky” is one. The other came out in the mid-90’s, “Confide in Me.” Both remind me of specific times in my life, events which were meaningful. For me, Kylie is one of those artists I don’t think about, then I hear one of her songs and I wonder why I don’t listen to her more often.

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  7. That was a great post. I never had an appreciation of Kylie’s greatness until I met you and your blog. I can’t say that I have an artist that I’ve grown up with since childhood. Although I’m older than you my closest parallel is Billy Joe Armstrong of Green Day. I’ve followed them for the last 25 years and watched him and me grow up.


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  10. Oh wow, some great memories there. What a fabulous trip down memory lane. I must admit I do love a bit of Kylie… how could anyone not? Standing for 5 hours at the O2 waiting for the Aphrodite show was well worth the wait….. and in full gay homage to the Princess herself.. we did have ‘Suddenly’ played at our Wedding ceremony (from Charlene and Scott’s wedding).


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