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I produce a yearly playlist of my Top 40 most played tracks of that year. Thanks to, this is a fairly simple process.

It’s time to produce the 2017 playlist and usually by now I have done a pre-check to see what will be Number One but so far I have refrained and will leave it as a surprise. In true countdown style let’s look at them all from 40 down to 1!

40: ‘Casio’ – Invader Girl

What a great start. This was one of the first songs I added to the #Discovered2017 playlist and has been a regular play ever since. I keep meaning to check out more of her songs so she is definitely on my watch list for 2018!

39: ‘Beautiful Mess’ – Kristian Kostov

Only one song in and we’re onto Eurovision already – no surprise there and there be a LOT more Eurovision songs to come. This finished in 2nd place in Kyiv and although I’m not a fan of the artist the song is pretty good!

38: ‘This Is Love’ – Demy

Demy sang for Greece at Eurovision and I really liked this song. It was one of the more uptempo songs in 2017 and has Eurovision written all over it! Of course, the semi naked men in the little paddling pool helped me enjoy it even more!

37: ‘The Louvre’ – Lorde

Melodrama was one of my most played albums during the summer and Lorde’s performance at Glastonbury was incredible. I’d love to see her live one day.

36: ‘Empty Threat’ – CHVRCHES

CHVRCHES featured a lot in last year’s playlist and I’m sure there will a few more from in this list as I love them. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to get a new album from them. This song absolutely must be played LOUD!

35: ‘Confetti’ – Sia

The awesome Sia makes here first appearance in this list. This song was a grower for me and has come to be one of my favourite Sia songs. This is despite the fact that I always hear the lyrics as being ‘I don’t eat confetti’!

34: ‘Breathlessly’ – Claudia Faniello

A Eurovision song that I developed a more of a liking for after the contest was over. I was a little gutted when she didn’t qualify for the final but she’s managed to get on this list so I hope that’s some consolation for her 🙂

33: ‘Alive’ – Sia

This song was in the top ten last year so it’s fallen down a few places but it’s still awesome. As much as I loved the recent Christmas album from Sia I am really hoping to get some more new songs from her in 2018!

32: ‘I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)’ – Whitney Houston

This has came about because it is in a playlist called ‘Get Home Happy‘ which I play on the drive home most evenings but especially a Friday. I always somehow manage to get it to place this song just as I’m approaching my house and let me tell you – there’s some serious car dancing going on!

31: ‘Supercut’ – Lorde

I’m actually surprised this isn’t higher as I remember I had it playing pretty much on a loop for a week or so after the album came out. Definitely my favourite track on Melodrama.

30: ‘Pilot With A Fear Of Heights’ – Felicity

A new discover for me during the first few months of the year thanks to the Discover Weekly playlist and it’s been a regular ever since. To describe it as a BOP would be right!

29: ‘Story Of My Life’ – Naviband

Everything about this Eurovision song is positive. Great song, great singers and just a really great, fun, feel good song!

28: ‘Grab The Moment’ – JOWST

I think this song really divided Eurovision fans in 2017 but I really liked it from the first time I heard it…and I’m just saying that because JOWST follows me on Twitter 🙂

27: ‘Clearest Blue’ – CHVRCHES

They’re Scottish, they make great music! I don’t think I can say anything else about CHVRCHES that I haven’t already except for if you’ve never heard of them then go listen now!

26: ‘Thinking Of You’ – Elias

I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it. I couldn’t believe this voice was coming from this boy. It’s spine tingling. The acoustic version is even more stunning!

25: ‘Timebelle’ – Apollo

This is one of two songs that I consider to have been robbed at Eurovision in 2017. I was gutted I didn’t get to see it at the live final. However, we were in the Eurovision village watching it on the big screen. I do wonder if the fact that she was dressed up like Big Bird from Sesame Street might have put people off?

24: ‘Alone’ – Alan Walker

One of my favourite DJs right now. So much so that I put together a playlist in his (and Kygo’s) honour. I’m holding out for the day that he replies to one of my tweets.

23: ‘Wild Child’ – Ace Wilder

I have to say I’m a little bit shocked this is so high. Not that I don’t like the song, I really do. I just didn’t realise I’d listened to it so much. However, I do remember hearing it in my car and working out that if I go faster the volume goes up automatically so thanks for that Ace. I can’t wait to go back to the final of Melodiefestivalen this year too!

22: ‘Paper’ – Svala

This is the second song that I think was robbed at Eurovision in 2017. In fact I don’t even think I’m ready to talk about it just yet…

21: ‘Move Your Body’ – Sia

I do enjoy the original version of this song but the version I play the most is the remix by Alan Walker. It’s defo one for getting motivated!

20: ‘The Greatest’ – Sia

I’m beginning to think I might be Sia’s biggest fan!

19: ‘Green Light’ – Lorde

I’ve mentioned it before but Lorde’s performance at Glastonbury was out of this world! I hope she comes to Scotland soon.

18: ‘Chandelier’ – Piano Version – Sia

Dare I say it? Yes, this is one of my favourite songs EVER! It’s been number one on my playlists for a couple of years but I am finding myself listening to the piano version more and more.

I tend to listen to it a lot when I am on the plane. So technically this should maybe be higher because for some reason Spotify doesn’t scrobble to when you are offline.

Come on – sort it out guys!

17: ‘Chandelier’ – Sia

Closely followed by the original.

Sia, if you are reading this then it should actually be higher but let’s blame Spotify and for the inability to scrobble offline.

16: ‘Sing Me To Sleep’ – Alan Walker

Amazing tune from the superstar DJ but don’t forget to check out other songs by the vocalist Iselin Solheim.

15: ‘Never Give Up On You’ – Lucie Jones

By far the best song that the UK has sent to Eurovision in a long time. Well done Lucie – you did us proud!

14: ‘Slow Hands’ – Niall Horan

Niall has to be my favourite ex One Direction member both musically and personality. Great song and a great album!

13: ‘Love’ – Lana Del Rey

This was one of my most anticipated returns to the music world of the year and I have to say I was not disappointed.

12: ‘Issues’ – Julia Michaels

I did expect this to be higher in the list and I might even go as far to say it’s my favourite song of 2017!

11: ‘Batman & Robin’ – Cazzi Opeia

OM f***ing G I love this song! It’s crazy bonkers but it’s so, so, so f***ing fantastic!

10: ‘Symphony’ – Clean Bandit feat. Zara Larsson

A well deserved place in the Top Ten. By far my favourite Clean Bandit song probably because of the awesome Zara Larsson.

9: ‘Long Time’ – Blondie

Wow! Who would have thought a band fronted by a 72 year old woman would be in my Top Ten? I did – NEVER write off the mega stars!

8: ‘I Can’t Go On’ – Robin Bengtsson

Maybe not everyone’s favourite in Eurovision this year but for me – it’s from Sweden, Robin’s hot and the song is a BOP!

7: ‘Scared Of The Dark’ – Steps

Steps MADE my year by getting back together, releasing this album and performing the BEST show ever in Aberdeen. Steps – I officially LOVE you!

6: ‘Euphoria’ – Loreen

It’s basically not a Friday night in my house until this song has been played…LOUD!

5: ‘As I Lay Me Down’ – Wiktoria

Another Melodiefestivalen favourite! When exactly am I moving to live in Sweden?

4: ‘City Lights’ – Blanche

A very popular Eurovision song in 2017. Simple but very effective!

3: ‘Verona’ – Koit Toome & Laura

Now, this is a surprise. A happy surprise but a surprise none the less.

2: ‘Occidentali’s Karma’ – Francesco Gabbani

Let’s just say this is one of songs I danced around my kitchen to the most in 2017 and we’ll leave it there!

1: ‘Neon Blue’ – Steps

Yes! Yes! Yes! A million times yes! Thanks for the music Steps! I will see you again in June and I cannot wait!

What do you think? What were your most played songs of 2017?

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