INTERVIEW: Hungry Hearts

INTERVIEW: Hungry Hearts

INTERVIEW: Hungry Hearts

Who are Hungry Hearts?

Hungry Hearts is an art project. They make synth electro pop songs, music videos, choreography and. In their performances the visual aspect just as important as the music. Hungry Hearts acts on the Norwegian and International contemporary art scene, queer scene, music venues and at film festivals.

The first time I heard their song ‘Vagina Anthem’ I thought it was awesome so I had to find out more about them. Take a listen to the song and then read on to see what they had to say for themselves when I asked them a few questions.

Hey! Thanks for taking the time to talk to me. I think we all know what ‘Vagina Anthems’ is about but why don’t you tell us what’s it about.

Vagina Anthem is a tribute to women. It is also a comment on the massive intolerance and attacks women are exposed to for exercising freedom of speech. It is for those who makes an effort to fight the battle against female erasure and oppression. It is for the unknown heroines who have fought for women’s liberation throughout history.

Fab! Nice use of swear words too! So, who are your musical Gods or Goddesses?

Pet Shop Boys, Eurythmics, Depeche Mode, Kratfwerk, Queen, Abba, Aha, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Wendy & Lisa, Madonna.

In one word – describe your image!


Love it, now – tell us something embarrassing about yourselves.

Tonje is cheap, Edith likes spending money.

Cheap for me wins every time – nice one Tonje!

What was the last gig you performed at?

KODE art Museum in Bergen in September.

I’m a huge Eurovision fan so performing at Melodi Grand Prix must have been awesome – what’s your best memory of that?

Being a part of the circus. Very professional and glamorous. Performing before 7000 in the audience and 1 million in front of the TV was unforgettable. The best part was becoming a part of the ESC family. We will love them forever!

Let’s remind ourselves of that fabulous performance!

What was the number one song in the charts when you were born?

The Beatles with “All you need is love”. Nice title, not a fan of the music 🙂

Oh dear I thought everyone loved The Beatles, never mind, so who is the Queen Of Pop?


Of course she is!!

What’s your favourite joke?

Monthy Python-stuff. I don’t really like jokes, I like teasing people 🙂

What’s your favourite song lyric ever?

“I was born to love you” by Freddie Mercury

Great choice – let’s listen…

Have you ever been to Scotland?

Yes we have been in Glasgow, attending the GlasGay Festival, not as Hungry Hearts but with an early band called Mr. helium and The Holy Gliders

That’s the best band name I have ever heard! So – what’s next for Hungry Hearts?

New album and music videos in 2018, hopefully some concerts here and there. Developing new things.

Thanks ladies for answering my questions and I can’t wait to hear more new songs!

INTERVIEW: Hungry Hearts

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