Bring Them All Back, And More!

Bring Them All Back, And More!

The Comebacks

A few years ago when the brilliant S Club 7 decided to reform because they are all skint for Children In Need. I was so excited. Then there was Steps! Now there is the constant talk about a Spice Girls reunion but who else would I like to see make a comeback..?

When S Club 7 were at their peak of their musical career I was at the peak of my younger days. Whenever “Don’t Stop Movin” was played in a nightclub you would quite often see me on the dance floor pretending to be Jon.

Watch this and all the memories will come flooding back…

Now watch their reform…

My original first choice for another reform would have been another “cheesy” favourite of mine but they have already made a comeback both with another band when they joined together with McFly to be McBusted

And now back together as the original Busted. They also now follow me on Twitter which is awesome and I have been lucky enough to see them live!

A lot of groups from that era have already attempted a comeback one way or another but who has not? Bearing in mind the “rules” now show that bands and singers can be joined together!

Who would I still like to see?

Okay, I’m staying within the same era and I’m also choosing artists from the same country – Australia. I choose Natalie Imbruglia to join Savage Garden

Wouldn’t that be epic? Imagine what could be produced?

Come on Natalie, come on Savage Garden – just like S Club 7, I’ve “never had a dream come true” so please make my dreams come true!

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