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REVIEW: ‘True Blue’ – Madonna

Queen Of Pop, Madonna, is hopefully releasing new music this year so let’s take this opportunity to look back at Madge’s awesome career.

Deemed as Madonna’s most girlish album, “True Blue” deals with her visions of love, work, dreams as well as disappointments, and was inspired by her then husband Sean Penn, to whom Madonna dedicated the album. Musically, the songs on the album took a different direction from her previous endeavours, incorporating classical music in order to engage an older audience who had been skeptical of her music.

True Blue” opened at the top of the UK Albums Chart on July 12, 1986, making it the first album by American artist to debut at number one in British chart history.[103][104]It remained at the summit for six weeks and on the chart for a total of 85 weeks.[105] True Blue was the best-selling album of 1986 in the United Kingdom.

1 – Papa Don’t Preach

The track that caused her first conflict with the Vatican when she dedicated it to The Pope! It also caused lots of issues with various women’s organisations as they thought it encouraged teenage pregnancy. I wonder how many young girls listened to the song and then thought “ok, I’m going out to get pregnant”?

I’ll bet that would be none! It’s just a song ladies – get over it.

2 – Open Your Heart

Originally written as a rock song for Cyndi Lauper. Madonna does what she does best with this song – make it dancey, takes off her clothes and acts like a slut!

3 – White Heat

Not a bad song but once you’ve heard the first two tracks this just sounds like a cheaper copy.

4 – Live To Tell

One of my favourite ballad songs from Madge. It seems this is her once again proving that she is an all round talent and doesn’t have to shock and take he clothes off to have a good time.

5 – Where’s The Party?

This is an under-rated song from her. Surely everyone wants to know where the party is at and this is a catchy, upbeat song that encapsulates the late 80s.

6 – True Blue

The title track and what a track. Madonna takes the 80s back to the 1960s in this infectious song.

7 – La Isla Bonita

Michael Jackson was offered the instrumental version of this track and I am so glad he did not decide to use it. This is one of my all time Madge faves.

8 – Jimmy Jimmy

Another forgotten song but the question here should be “who is Jimmy”?

9 – Love Makes The World Go Around

The album closes with Madonna throwing her arms around the world and giving it a big hug!

What are your Madonna memories?

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