FRESH: 'Put Your Hands Up för Sverige' - Samir & Viktor

FRESH: ‘Put Your Hands Up för Sverige’ – Samir & Viktor

Who are Samir & Viktor?

Samir & Viktor are a Swedish music duo that consists of Paradise Hotel contestant Samir Badran and fashion blogger Viktor Frisk.

They have just released a brand new song just in time to support their country in the FIFA world cup called ‘Put Your Hands Up för Sverige’. It’s very catchy and very summer-y so take a look and then let’s talk more about these two awesome guys!

If you thought that was fun then that’s only the start. Whatever these two do it’s clear they are having the time of their life every time they perform together.

I first heard of them when they performed on Melodiefestivalen in 2016 with the song ‘Bada Naka’ which translates into English as ‘Swim Naked’. I loved the semi-final performance…

…but I loved their performance in the final better – can you guess why?

2016 was the first time I had attended the Eurovision final and after coming back from Stockholm I had even more of an obsession with the songs coming out of Sweden than before.

After listening to a lot of playlists on Spotify there was a song that kept coming up and when I eventually watched the video on YouTube I realised it was Samir & Viktor. Watch this video of them performing ‘Fick Feeling’ in the rain and they are STILL having so much fun!

A little more research discovered that they had previously performed in Melodifestivalen with a song called ‘Groupie’…Hallå, hallå, hallå, hallå…

Last Summer when I discovered ‘Saxofuckingfon’ let’s just say it was one of the songs of my summer and I really wanted a Saxo-fucking-phone!

Okay, now for the really exciting part. Samir & Viktor were entering Melodiefestivalen again in 2018 and I was going to be attending the live final in Sweden.

Their song was called ‘Shuffla’ and it was nothing short of awesome!

Sadly, it didn’t win despite the UK jury giving it maximum points. On the plus side I did get a high-five from Viktor after he came off the stage!

I am sure there is a lot more to come for these two guys. I love what they are doing and they way they do it.

Come on Sweden – never mind the World Cup let’s have Samir & Viktor for Eurovision 2020!

In the meantime put their latest song on your music player of choice and choose to play it loud!

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