REVIEW: 'Like A Prayer' - Madonna

REVIEW: ‘Like A Prayer’ – Madonna

Queen Of Pop, Madonna, is hopefully releasing new music this year so let’s take this opportunity to look back at Madge’s awesome career.

As Madonna’s most introspective release at the time, “Like a Prayer” has been described as a confessional record. She described the album as a collection of songs “about my mother, my father, and bonds with my family.”

The album was dedicated to her mother, who died when Madonna was young.

Released on March 21, 1989 Like a Prayer has sold over 15 million copies worldwide.

This was the first Madonna album that I can properly remember being released and listening to at the time. I had it on cassette tape and I’m surprised I didn’t wear it out with the amount of times I played it.

1 – Like A Prayer

The title track and my favourite ever Madonna song.

The video caused no end of controversy with the religious types but I don’t care about that. It’s an anthem of a song and every time I hear the opening guitars and then the gospel choir I still get goosebumps.

I was so excited when she played this live the first time I ever went to see her. It was epic!

I love that even after almost 30 years since it was first released as a single she still puts a huge amount of effort into making this one of the ultimate performances of every live tour.

2 – Express Yourself

A good old-fashioned pop song promoting girl power long before girl power was even being promoted. I’m hooked from the moment Madge sings “c’mon girls”.

It was also the most expensive music video made up to then, and currently the third most expensive of all time – who knew?

3 – Love Song (with Prince)

After the first two tracks this is a bit of a disappointment especially as it’s a collaboration with Prince and that in itself should have made this much more awesome.

Sadly, there will now never be another opportunity to make a better one.

4 – Till Death Do Us Part

This was written about the violent dissolution of Madonna’s marriage to Sean Penn. I’m sure she had a lot to say about this but it does go on a bit…

5 – Promise to Try

Madonna wrote this about the death of her mother. I really enjoy this song despite the sad message. It’s nice to play when you just want to get lost in the music and your own thoughts.

6 – Cherish

After the previous sad song this is such a breath of fresh air. Very poppy, very lovey dovey and very, very good! Even although it’s always annoyed me the way that Madonna pronounces “Juliet” this has not let me stop adoring this song.

7 – Dear Jessie

A fantastic, fantasy of a song. It really does feel like the song is giving me a big hug every time I hear it and it will forever make me feel like a kid again.

8 – Oh Father

No surprises but this a song pretty much all about Madonna’s father. All in all a really good ballad that shows off Madge’s voice.

9 – Keep It Together

Another song about relationships and this was never actually released as a single in the UK for some reason although she does love including it in her live shows.

10 – Spanish Eyes

This song is said to have “confronted the still-taboo issue of AIDS” and is an easy listening, ballad type song.

11 – Act of Contrition

Madonna decides to close the album with some weird-ass megamix…yeah, I don’t know either…

What are your Madonna memories?

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