FRESH: ‘Girl Is A Gun’ – Maja Francis

Fantasy pop from Stockholm, the incredible Maja Francis has just released new song ‘Girl Is A Gun’. Take a listen and then let’s find out more about Maja.

I first discovered the joys of Maja Francis when I was on vacation in 2015. I’m hoping for big things for Maja in 2018!

I would describe her sound as a cross between The CardigansRobyn and Kate Bush and I am just hooked on her voice right now.

The song that introduced me to Maja was “Last Days Of Dancing”. I played it so much last year that it made it in to my 2015 Playlist Of The Year. The video is just as awesome as the song…

If you want to know more about the lady herself there’s a cool interview of her introducing an acoustic version of “Last Days Of Dancing”…

A duet with another Swedish artist, Veronica Maggio, is also well worth listening to “Space Invades My Mind”

On top of making great music of her own she puts an amazing spin on classic songs such as Billy Joel’s “Just The Way You Are”…

And in just in case you didn’t know – she is not a disco!

I also love the lyric ‘it might be bittersweet but I can wash it down with wine which comes from the beautiful song’ ‘Långsam’.

I for one can’t wait to hear more songs from Maja!

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