EUROVISION: 1958 – Hilversum, Netherlands

Eurovision 1958 Songs

The third Eurovision Song Contest in 1958 was held in Hilversum, Netherlands

There were 10 countries competing and there was no entry from the United Kingdom this year

Italy were first up with a song called “Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu” (In The Blue Painted Blue) from Domenico Modugno.  You might think that you would never know this song but if I said – Volare oh oh oh then you might!

Corry Brokken from The Netherlands returned and sang “Heel De Wereld”  (The Whole World). YES, The whole world is fed up of her now – she won last year but was last this year, time to give up I think.

The Luxembourg entry was performed by Solange Berry with the song “Un Grand Amour” (A Great Love). This is not Beyonce’s sister!

Sweden’s song title was “Lilla Stjärna” (Little Star) and was sung by Alice Babs. This was the first time Sweden had entered the contest and they decided to enter a milk maid who liked the word “la”.

Raquel Rastenni from Denmark sang  “Jeg Rev Et Blad Ud Af Min Dagbog” (I Tore A Page Out Of My Diary). Who knew that Edwina Currie had such a nice voice when she was younger.

Good old Fud Leclerc was back for Belgium with the song “Ma Petite Chatte” (My Little Sweetie). I have no idea what he is singing about but I can tell he really likes this “little sweetie” – I wonder if it’s a Haribo?

Germany were represented by Margot Hielscher singing “Für Zwei Groschen Musik” (Music For Two Pennies). Margot came bounding down the stairs in her sash and her crown as if she had already won – she hadn’t and she didn’t!

Liane Augustin sang “Die Ganze Welt Braucht Liebe” (The Whole World Needs Love) for Austria. What a great attitude – well done that lady!

Lys Assia was back for Switzerland singing “Giorgio”.  This is a bouncy one and it could only have been made better if she sang it while riding on a horse!

And the winners? André Claveau from France scooped the top spot with a song called “Dors, Mon Amour” (Sleep, My Love) – we did, but well done France!

If that’s not enough for you and you want more – there is a recording of the full performance!

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