EUROVISION 1959: Cannes, France

Eurovision 1959 Songs

The fourth Eurovision Song Contest in 1959 was held in Cannes.

STOP THE PRESS – something that occurred this year, but never again, was that more than the winning entry was performed once again!

There were 11 entries this year and The United Kingdom were back baby! The singers were Pearl Carr & Teddy Johnson and they performed a song called “Sing, Little Birdie”. Seriously – I want some of what ever these two were on!

Jean Philippe from France was next and sang “Oui, Oui, Oui, Oui”  (Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes). This nutter was either trying to make sure how everyone in Europe knew how to say “yes” in French or he really needed to go to the toilet!

The Danish entry was performed by Birthe Wilke with the song “Uh, Jeg Ville Onske Jeg Var Dig”” (Oh, I Wish I Were You). This lady does a great impression of a chicken – maybe she should wish to be a chicken instead!

Monaco were represented by Jacques Pills singing “Mon Ami Pierrot” (My Friend Pierrot). I always wondered where John Craven got his inspiration for his Newsround theme tune – now I know, it’s this song’s intro!

Italy’s song title was “Piove (Ciao, Ciao Bambina)” (It’s Raining, (Bye Bye Baby)) and was sung by Domenico Modugno. This man was later jailed for leaving his child in the park when there was a very bad thunderstorm.

Alice & Ellen Kessler from Germany sang  “Heute Abend Wollen Wir Tanzen Geh’n” (Tonight We Want To Go Dancing). Erm – slutty bitches!

Brita Borg from Sweden performed the song “Augustin”. Brita wasn’t the person who sang this song during the Swedish selection process – mystery still surrounds the reason why the swap took place and it’s Sweden’s biggest kept secret.

Switzerland were represented by Christa Williams singing “Irgendwoher” (From Somewhere). This was so dreary that someone decided to shut off the electricity.

Ferry Graf sang “Der K Und K Kalypso Aus Wien” (The K And K Calypso From Vienna) for Austria. Who would have thought yodeling and calypso would mix? No one – because it just doesn’t.

Bob Benny was up next for Belgium singing “Hou Toch Van Mij” (Please Love Me).  The song does translate as “please love me” but when I look at the words in Dutch I read something much more rude! In fact the whole song just sounds down right dirty.

And the winners? Teddy Scholten from The Netherlands grabbed the gong with a song called “Een Beetje” (A Little Bit) – great song Tedster but I have to say I much preferred Gina G’s updated version in 1996.

If that’s not enough for you and you want more – there is a recording of the full performance!

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