Ray Of Light

REVIEW: ‘Ray Of Light’ – Madonna

Queen Of Pop, Madonna, is hopefully releasing new music this year so let’s take this opportunity to look back at Madge’s awesome career.

Ray Of Light” is the seventh studio album by Madonna. Musically, the album is a pop and dance record that incorporates strong elements of electronic music within its composition, making it a departure from her previous work. Additionally, it incorporates several genres and subgenres, including techno, trip hop, drum and bass, ambient, rock, and classical music.

Vocally, the album saw Madonna sing using greater breadth and a fuller tone. Oriental themes are also present on the album, as a result from her conversion to Kabbalah, her study of Hinduismand Buddhism, as well as her daily practice of Yoga

Released on February 22, 1998, in the United Kingdom, Ray of Light debuted at number one on the UK Albums Chart, remaining at the top spot for two weeks. It was certified six times platinum by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) for shipment of 1.8 million copies.

For me, this is Madonna’s ultimate re-invention. It was released at the same time as I left home to study at University so there was re-invention for me to and it was an honour to have this as my soundtrack!

1 – Drowned World/Substitute for Love

This isn’t really a stand out track on the album but what it is, is a brilliant, easy to listen to introduction to what is still to come.

2 – Swim

Starts off with a catchy electro-guitar riff and I get the feeling it is just teasing us for what the next track is about to give to us.

3 – Ray Of Light

Well – throw me down the stairs and call me #MadonnaAtTheBrits. She looks amazing here, has a fantastic video and the song is, yes – epic and awesome both at the same time! It’s dancey, punch, ballsy and she is sticking two fingers up at the younger pop stars telling them “listen pals – I’m still the f***ing Queen OK!” GO MADGE!

4 – Candy Perfume Girl

After the immense track preceding it we needed time to catch our breath and this song did just that.

5 – Skin

Somewhat of a throwback to Bedtime Stories…in fact, no – this is much better!

6 – Nothing Really Matters

Madonna was doing Lady GaGa videos long before Lady Gaga was even Lady Gaga. If you don’t believe me then just watch the video. This is a motto for life – nothing really matters at the end of the day. Okay, so you fall down some stairs…and? So what!

7 – Sky Fits Heaven

Only Madonna can make a song that is both chilled out and energetic at the same time. After the previous two album reviews I am once again loving Madonna so much more right now.

8 – Shanti/Ashtangi

Okay, so she found a new religion – every one is entitled to an “off” track…

9 – Frozen

This was IT. This was so IT. The best comeback song ever! Who was this person? Was this the same Madonna? Oh yes! The very same but so, so much better than before. I have a slight confession to make…when Madonna first performed this song in the UK on the National Lottery show I stayed in my room as I was studying – man, what a t*** I was!

10 – The Power of Good-Bye

For some reason this song reminds me of Christmas and is in my Christmas/Winter playlist on Spotify. It’s such a beautiful ballad.

11 – To Have and Not to Hold

We needed this! After a whirlwind of upbeat tracks we needed another track to catch our breath to.

12 – Little Star

Perhaps a little too experimental and trying too many things for me but I still wouldn’t skip it.

13 – Mer Girl

What could she be trying to say in this song? Is she the Mer Girl? Constantly changing, constantly mystifying us. Keep doing what you do best Madge!

This has to be one of my all time favourite albums from the Queen Of Pop!

What are your Madonna memories?

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